"Creating a healing space for the animal spirit"

Maureen Petras, Animal Reiki Practitioner

What is Reiki?

 Re=Spirit ki=Energy: Reiki means"spiritual energy" The system of Reiki was created by a man Mikao Usui in Japan using meditative techniques that allow the Reiki Practitioner to go deeper and to essentially "Be Reiki".  To be Reiki means, (Be present in the moment with an open heart)

​​When offering Reiki to animals I am taught not to do Reiki, but "Be Reiki" with the animals.  Being Reiki just means meditating with an animal or animals and going deeper and creating a sacred, safe healing space for the animal or animals to heal.

.-Maureen Petras, Animal Reiki Practitioner


Reikicares-Animal Reiki

"Creating a Healing Space for the Animal Spirit"