Animal Reiki

"Creating a healing space for the animal spirit"

Maureen Petras, Animal Reiki Practitioner

What is Reiki?

 Re=Spirit ki=Energy: Reiki means"spiritual energy" The system of Reiki was created by a man Mikao Usui in Japan using meditative techniques that allow the Reiki Practitioner to go deeper and to essentially "Be Reiki" and facilitate healing for a person or animal.  To be Reiki means to be present in the moment with an open heart, creating a beautiful healing space.  


When offering Reiki to animals, it's most important to stay in a place of openness and love in your heart and mind.  Remember that all things are possible-Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Source.

Maureen Petras, Animal Reiki Practitioner

Reikicares-Animal Reiki

"Creating a Healing Space for the Animal Spirit"