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Maureen Petras
​Animal Reiki Practitioner
"Creating a healing space for the animal spirit"
What is Reiki?

​Reiki means "spiritual energy" and is a healing modality using Japanese meditative techniques. The system of Reiki was created by a man Mikao Usui in Japan. "He created elements of Reiki to help the practitioner to deepen their connection of energetic wisdom that we are all connected"-Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Source.

​​For Reiki practitioners these elements helps us to connect the energetic part of ourselves to live daily with compassion for ourselves and others, people, animals and nature. As an Animal Reiki Practitioner , I am not a healer.  I am facilitating a healing space for an animal through meditation.

​​​​How can animals benefit from Reiki?

Reiki offers natural healing for animals with many issues they may face or to maintain overall good health & well being.
​Reiki is beneficial to animals in rescue situations because it can help the animal release underlying issues they may be facing such as behavior problems and/or abuse or neglect and this can increase there chances for adoption into a loving home they deserve. For an animal, being in a shelter is a stressful situation and Reiki helps put the animal back in balance and find that space of peace that has been disrupted.

​ Is Reiki safe for animals?

Reiki is a safe, gentle and effective Japanese energy healing system.  It provides healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Animals love Reiki energy, hands on or at a distance. Reiki can never do harm and goes where it is needed. As a practitioner I am their to hold that compassionate healing space for the animal receiving Reiki. I always share Reiki with an animal in a place where they feel safe, in your home, yard or pasture.

What does an Animal Reiki session look like?

A Reiki session with animals is a little different than working with people. I simply sit on a floor or chair and meditate with Reiki while creating a sacred healing space for the animal. I always ask the animals permission for receiving Reiki. Animals are such amazing spiritual creatures and understand energy and they will take as much Reiki they need or none at all. There is no need to have hands on the animal unless they want it, they are in charge of the session. A dog may put his head in my hands or a cat will curl up on my lap saying they accept the Reiki energy. When they are finished they will let me know by their body language sometimes I get a lick, eye contact or they may get up from their cozy Reiki nap and trot off.